Who Benefits from NEMT Services?

Who Benefits from NEMT Services

Patients only want to receive treatment. But because of the pain and inconvenience they are under, they are willing to take the risk and travel in order to receive the treatment they deserve to have.

Driving on the road poses new threats to the safety of these patients. And if their loved ones insist that they should not be taking the wheel, simply being a passenger increases their chances of experiencing further inconveniences.

For this reason, we believe that these people need to be treated with care. They deserve more than just riding on a 4-wheeler vehicle. They deserve to be carried on a wheelchair or even a stretcher. And they need to be transported with an expert by their side to monitor their vital signs. They ought to enjoy the services of a non-emergency medical transportation provider.

Wisdom Care Transportation is the leading and the most trusted provider of Medical Transportation in Page Road Durham North Carolina. We are responsible for taking patients to and fro their houses to their destinations, no matter where they are in the beautiful city of Durham.

We are open to giving a ride to patients, especially those who are:

  • Going to their medical appointment: When you are going to your doctor’s appointment, you can simply view yourself riding in your car, arriving in the hospital or clinic, being checked up, receiving the results, and riding back home. However, that is not the case of some of the patients we serve here in our company.There are those who are going to their dental appointments with a throbbing pain in their tooth. There are patients who find it hard to sit down and prefer to be lying in a supine position.Because of their needs, we provide them with the vehicles, along with medical practitioners who are there by their side to ease their discomforts
  • Undergoing dialysis treatment: Having a weak kidney is extremely painful. The least we can do for these patients is to give them the transportation that gives solution to the transportation problems of these individuals.Wisdom Care Transportation sees to the needs of dialysis patients so that they will not associate the treatment process as something negative. We would rather see smiles of comfort on the faces of these patients rather than winces of pain.
  • Suffering from cancer: Cancer is becoming an issue here in the U.S. It is one of the top 5 common chronic diseases in our country and also among the top 5 of the deadliest diseases a man could ever acquire.Chemotherapy is the most effective and common way to treat cancer. Once a patient is undergoing chemotherapy, his or her cells would be damaged resulting to hair falls, vomiting, and weakening of the body, among others.Transporting a patient experiencing such discomfort will only further his or her stress. Wisdom Care Transportation provides the necessary tools and equipment to assist these individuals in their journey, not only to their chemotherapy sessions but also in their journey to recovery.
  • Reaching the age of 65 and above: The elderly should not be driving around without an escort. Because of their changing bodies, senior’s eyes cannot see clearly like they used to. Their reflexes are now slower, making them susceptible to accidents on the road.We take in older adults and give them the privilege of being escorted to their adult day care centers. This helps them stay safe while providing relief to their family members.
  • Living with special needs: Individuals with disability are classified as people living with special needs. Unlike regular passengers, these people need to be assisted in every way for them to avoid getting hurt from all the commotion experienced during a travel.Assuring family members of the safety of their loved one is our number one priority as a provider of Medical Transportation in Page Road Durham North Carolina.

Do you identify as one of those mentioned above? Do you need to go to important medical appointments to improve your way of living? Then we believe you might need a lift.


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